About Beacon

A product designed with an aim to address todays industry challenges, an abstract thought to automation form repetitive to reassurance. Beacon automates your flow by analysing, generating and testint flow. Beacon supports industry standard protocols like FIX as well as other third party protocols: RV, EMS, MQ, SWIFT, and Fidessa. Yes – Its possible to reduce or even eliminate the human factor when it comes to testing software releases.

Why Beacon
Beacon quickly and easily builds and runs your regression testing cases for reduced time to market. Automation frees up valuable resources by allowing you to focus on the development tasks rather than testing. Beacon provides more than just regression testing. Beacon analyses your workflow from live cases and
builds a set of unique test cases ensuring all scenarios are catered for.


Reduce Costs
Beacon reduces costs by executing test cases faster and more accurately than by a team of manual QA testers.

Reduce time to Market
With Beacon continuously analysing and building and executing your workflow, time to market is drastically reduced.

Increase Revenue
Reduce the need for costly and time-consuming manual QA.

Increase Resource Availability
Re-allocate resource previously utilised by QA to Developers to increase delivery to market.
Beacon – Capture Test Cases

To capture, analyse and build test cases, Beacon is setup in as a passive in-line listener to capture messages. Beacons proprietary flow analyser reviews, consolidates and identifies unique test flow cases for regression flow replay.


Beacon – Run Test Cases

Beacon can be configured to send test messaged to the Application Under Test and also configured to act as a Receiving Simulator to simulate downstream systems that may not be available.


Technical Specification

Rich Test Functionality

Achieve total coverage of business functionality across Front, Middle and Back office systems.

Test Flow Examples

•  Order Management System

• Direct Market Access

• Compliance Checks/Validation

• Data Integrity

• Glow workflow

• FIX Engine Certification


Protocol Independent

Beacon is designed from the ground up to be protocol independent supporting multiple industry standard protocols.


Supported Protocols

• FIX/FAST (All Versions)

• Custom FIX Dictionaries

• Fidessa Open Access


• Tibco RV/EMS

• Proprietary Protocols


Global Offices

Hong Kong +852 9120 0371

Singapore +65 9114 5646

UK +44 7453 570 870